Our History

The Journey So Far

The Basel School of Business has grown and evolved over the years, but our core values remain unchanged. We began with a simple vision: to provide a more engaging, practical, and relevant business education that will help our students become compassionate and responsible leaders in the evolving world of business.

As we’ve grown, we’ve consistently worked towards this vision, shaping our curriculum to meet the demands of a changing business landscape and fostering a community that encourages innovation, respect, and social responsibility. Learn more about our origins, our milestones, and how we’ve transformed the educational landscape.

2012 - Birth of a Vision

Jacqueline and Philip Weinberg, having realized the need for a different kind of business education, founded The Basel School of Business, achieving official permission from the Basel Parliament to offer higher education degrees.

2014 - A New Home

With dreams to accommodate more students and better serve the community, The Basel School of Business moved to its present location at the Basel SBB Station, at the heart of the city.

2015 - A Milestone Year

We reached two significant milestones this year – receiving certification from eduqua, a Swiss quality label for further education institutions, and celebrating the graduation of our first MBA and undergraduate students.

2017 - Steps Towards Global Recognition

The Basel School of Business became a Candidate for Accreditation by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), an important step in our journey to global recognition.

2018 - International Accreditation

The Basel School of Business was officially accredited by the IACBE, cementing our position as a leading business school offering high-quality and globally recognized education.

2020 - Embracing Local Culture and Language

In a bid to foster a deeper connection between our students and their surroundings, we launched GermanPLUS. This initiative offers language courses and integration activities designed to immerse students in Swiss culture, adding a rich layer to their learning experience beyond just business education.

2023 - Expanding Horizons

We broadened our educational reach in 2023 by adding The Zurich School of Business to the Weinberg United family. With this expansion, we opened the doors to more students, nurturing their dreams and fostering an even larger community of compassionate business leaders.

Tomorrow - The Legacy Will Continue

As Weinberg United continues to innovate and grow, we will continue to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, nurturing their journey toward becoming compassionate business leaders.


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