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Where Ethics Meets Excellence

At The Basel School of Business, we prioritize quality over quantity. We’re looking for education agents who share our commitment to guiding students toward the best fit for their academic journey.

The Right Fit

Elevates All

At The Basel School of Business, we believe in the power of the right match. Placing a student in the ideal environment for their growth isn’t just ethical—it ensures their success. And with every successful student placement, your reputation shines brighter as well.

Our philosophy is simple: We are all interconnected on this journey of trust, success, and mutual growth.

Offer Your Clients More Than Just a Degree

Give them a life-changing experience

Elevate Your Agency’s Portfolio with BSB’s Exclusive Business Education

When you present BSB to potential students, you’re offering them a unique, comprehensive, and future-ready educational experience that stands out in the world of business education.

Holistic Leadership Development: When you introduce a student to BSB, you’re offering them an immersive leadership journey. Through real-world simulations, active roles, and offsite activities, students don’t just learn about leadership – they live it, preparing them for real-world challenges.

Innovative Practical Experiential Learning™: At BSB, students dive deep into active learning, tackling real-world business challenges. This hands-on approach, developed by BSB faculty, ensures that education is not just theoretical but directly applicable to the dynamic business world.

Community and Collaboration: BSB is more than a school; it’s a tight-knit community. Students are encouraged to voice their ideas, collaborate on projects, and grow together in an environment that values shared experiences and mutual growth.

Sustainability and Global Exposure: Introducing a student to BSB means offering them an education rooted in sustainability and global awareness. From eco-friendly initiatives to explorations of vibrant cities across Europe, students are prepared to be responsible global citizens and business leaders.

Authentic and Future-Ready Education: BSB’s curriculum is designed with the future in mind. With assessments mirroring real-world business challenges and a three-year adventure plan, students are equipped with practical skills and knowledge, making them ready to tackle the evolving business landscape.

Key Support for Our Agents

Live Streaming & Video Conferencing: We engage in real-time discussions, ensuring you and potential students receive immediate answers and insights about BSB.

On-Site Visits: BSB professors (not salespersons) can visit you, providing personal insights into our academic programs and strengthening our partnership.

Presentations at Your Location: Tailored presentations by our administration about BSB, ensuring you and your clients have a comprehensive understanding of the school’s offerings.

Insights into Swiss Education: Specialized presentations about the advantages and nuances of studying, living, and interning in Switzerland, setting the right expectations for potential students.

Direct Interactions: Our team is available for one-on-one interactions with potential students and parents, ensuring they receive personalized attention and information.

Connecting with the BSB Community: We gladly facilitate interactions between prospective students and our current students and alumni, offering firsthand experiences and testimonials about life at BSB.

Get Started by Requesting Your Prospective Agent Guide

The Prospective Agent Guide is your comprehensive resource for understanding the ethos, offerings, and unique advantages of The Basel School of Business. Packed with insights, program details, and collaboration opportunities, this guide is designed to equip you with all the information you need to confidently represent BSB. 

You’ll see how your expertise as an education agent combined with our unique approach at The Basel School of Business can create transformative experiences for students worldwide. Request your copy today and take the first step towards a fruitful partnership.