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The Power of
Practical Experiential Learning™

Textbooks, lectures, and theory can only get you so far. At The Basel School of Business, we are the proud pioneers of a different kind of learning — Practical Experiential Learning™ (PEL). Here, you won’t be confined to a lecture hall but instead, we’ll immerse you in the real-world of business. You’ll be crafting authentic marketing plans, orchestrating your own events, engaging in meaningful discussions with business leaders, and tackling real-world problems. These aren’t abstract exercises, but opportunities to actively engage with the material and put theory into action in a way that resonates with your own experiences. Explore how PEL shapes our curriculum, enriches the student experience, and prepares our graduates for real-world success.

Redefining Business Education

We believe business education should not only prepare you for the industry but also inspire you to transform it. Our vision is to break free from traditional molds, bringing together industry-aligned curricula, small-class dynamics, and a community that truly cares. We champion Practical Experiential Learning™ (PEL), an approach that turns theoretical concepts into real-world experiences, making learning relevant, engaging, and fun. We value each student’s unique journey, celebrating their individuality and fostering an environment where they feel seen, heard, and empowered.

Fostering Compassionate, Impactful Business Practices

We’re not just training future business leaders—we’re nurturing compassionate innovators who understand the interconnectedness of people, the planet, and profit. Our vision is to create a new generation of business leaders who recognize the potential of business to be a force for positive change. We encourage our students to think creatively, act ethically, and make decisions that benefit not just their companies, but also the communities and environments they operate in. We want our graduates to leave our institution ready to make their mark, lead with empathy, and contribute to a sustainable, equitable future for all.

The Benefits of Practical Experiential Learning (PEL)

Empowering Students, Enriching Careers

PEL is not just an approach; it’s a transformative experience that equips our students with skills and knowledge that set them apart in the competitive world of business.

For Students

Discover why PEL is a game-changer for aspiring business leaders. By engaging in real-world projects, students gain practical insights and hands-on experience, translating classroom concepts into tangible skills. This dynamic learning approach fosters creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving business landscape.

For Employers

Businesses worldwide seek graduates who can hit the ground running, and PEL alumni fit the bill perfectly. Our students not only excel in their field but bring innovative thinking and problem-solving skills to the table. By collaborating with industry partners during PEL projects, students develop a deep understanding of real business challenges, making them valuable assets in any organization.

For the Wider Community

We’re committed to making a positive impact on the world, and PEL is a key driver of this mission. Through PEL projects, our students tackle pressing global issues, working on solutions that can change lives. From local community initiatives to addressing global challenges like sustainability and social justice, our students become catalysts for positive change.

PEL in Action! A Student Leader, On-Air Advocate, and Social Changemaker, showcasing the power of practical experiential learning at BSB as Piergiorgio prepares to go on air with The English Show (quick shoutout: Listen Tuesday evenings from 19:00 – 20:00 on Radio X) to promote their Second Year charity event for the Project Management Class, “Dance for MS.”

How PEL Works at The Basel School of Business

Hands-on Projects – Bridging Theory and Practice

Central to our PEL methodology are the hands-on projects that shape our students’ educational journey. Each project is carefully crafted to reflect real-world scenarios, allowing students to apply classroom theories to practical situations. Whether it’s strategizing a marketing campaign, solving complex business problems, or developing innovative solutions, our students don’t just learn; they actively participate in creating meaningful impact.

Authentic Assessment – Preparing for Real-Life Success

Traditional assessments have their place, but at BSB, we believe in assessing our students based on real-world skills. No multiple-choice quizzes or isolated tasks. Instead, our assessments mirror what students will encounter in their future careers. From persuasive presentations and in-depth research papers to collaborative group projects, our students graduate with not only theoretical knowledge but the ability to make impactful contributions from day one.


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