Different is Everything

Embrace flexibility and personalized learning in a program that is specifically tailored to your unique work-life balance, blending career growth, education, and personal commitments. Our flexible approach allows you to excel professionally, academically, and personally, fostering harmony between your ambitions, family, and social life.

Venture Beyond Textbooks

Experience business firsthand as you immerse yourself in groundbreaking projects, international trips, and collaborations with pioneering companies. At Weinberg United, learning extends far beyond the lecture hall.

Photo: MBA students at a local Swiss brewery, delving into logistics, marketing, distribution, and production, guided by the Director of Sales and Marketing.

People, Planet, Profit

Undertake projects that not only challenge you professionally but also contribute positively to society. At Weinberg United, you’ll have the opportunity to drive meaningful change while honing your business acumen.

Photo: MBA students geared up to launch a charitable art showcase at Krebsliga beider Basel (Basel Cancer League), bringing coursework to life in their Project Management class.

Anticipate, Adapt, and Lead

Our innovative curriculum integrates cutting-edge technology and sustainable business practices, providing the tools to navigate the evolving global market. At Weinberg United, we prepare you to shape a future yet to be imagined.

Photo: MBA students immersed in a transformative exploration of cutting-edge sustainability practices at Tropenhaus Frutigen, witnessing how future businesses can harmonize with nature.

Think of BSB as your home away from home, where you’re not just a face in the crowd, but a part of a vibrant, tight-knit community. This isn’t about cutthroat competition; it’s about growing and learning together. Here, you’re encouraged to speak your mind, voice your ideas, stumble, pick yourself back up, and find value in shared experiences.

A Leading Edge Curriculum and Fields of Study

The Basel MBA provides a cutting-edge core curriculum and pioneering specializations in fields like pharmaceutical management, sustainability, and business intelligence. Our program puts you at the forefront of business, equipping you with knowledge and skills in the most innovative and emerging areas.

Practical Experiential Learning™

Our Practical Experiential Learning™ model brings academia and industry together, transcending traditional classroom boundaries. The Basel MBA goes beyond imparting theoretical knowledge, immersing you in real-world business scenarios, hands-on projects, and performance-centric assessments that hone your problem-solving skills and readies you for the dynamic business world.

A Flexible and Supportive Community

The Basel MBA program caters to the unique demands of working professionals. enabling you to balance your career advancement with personal and professional commitments seamlessly.

Customizable Degree Paths

We believe an MBA should reflect your individual interests and career goals. Personalize your MBA to align with your unique aspirations.

 We put student success first

We prioritize student success by working closely with you to understand your unique aspirations and needs so we can tailor your MBA journey accordingly, ensuring that you graduate with the knowledge, skills, and network needed to thrive in your chosen career.



Employed or Promoted Within 6 Months of Graduation



Completed the MBA on Schedule or Earlier

Financial Aid


Incoming Students Receiving Financial Support






Students Holding a Non-Swiss Passport

A Leading-EdgeCurriculum

At The Basel School of Business, we have created a curriculum that molds you for the future. The Basel MBA is meticulously crafted in collaboration with experts and continuously adapted to the pulse of business, technology, and societal trends. With a global, ethical, and technological lens woven into every course, and the practical application of knowledge through diverse capstone options, you’ll graduate equipped to take on real-world challenges and excel in your chosen career path.

Collaboratively Designed

Our curriculum is shaped by the collective wisdom of our faculty, alumni, industry professionals, and hiring managers.

Global, Technological, and Ethical Components

GTE in every course prepares you to become a responsible leader in an interconnected, digital world.

Highly Relevant Information

The curriculum is continually updated to integrate the latest developments in business, technology, and society.

Integrated Capstone Options

Apply your acquired skills and knowledge as you see fit, in a real-world business challenge.

Innovative Fields of Study for the Visionaries of Tomorrow

International Business

Gain a global perspective on business operations and strategy, mastering skills needed to navigate the complexities of multinational companies.

Pharmaceutical Management

Delve into the world of pharmaceuticals, learning strategic decision-making skills to drive success in this dynamic industry.

Business Intelligence

Understand the power of data in business decision-making. Learn to analyze, interpret, and use data to drive strategic initiatives.

Transformational Marketing

Discover innovative marketing strategies and techniques to create value, inspire change, and drive customer engagement.

Financial Analysis

Develop the ability to evaluate financial performance, forecast future trends, and make strategic financial decisions.

Healthcare Management

Understand the intricacies of healthcare systems, focusing on leadership, policy-making, and strategic management within this sector.

Organizational Systems and Change

Learn to lead transformation within organizations, focusing on change management strategies, organizational behavior, and system thinking.

Customized Specialization

Under expert guidance, design your own unique specialization, aligning your academic journey with your personal interests and career aspirations.

Our typical MBA student

is anything but typical

Career Advancers

Abour 40% of our MBA students are experienced business professionals who want to promote to the next level but in order to do so, they need to develop their skills in each of the business disciplines.

Leadership Developers

Just over a third of our incoming class have already earned their professional qualifications (MD, PhD, Dipl. Eng.) and need to develop their leadership skills to progress to a more strategic role.

New Directions

About 1 in 4 MBA students completes their MBA in order to find a new direction. Some have come up through the ranks in one department, but now feel like they are ready for a new career field.

Build your Personal MBA with customizable degree paths

Default According Option

Start with optional bootcamp courses for students from varied backgrounds

Recognizing the diverse educational and professional backgrounds of our students, we offer bootcamp courses designed to provide a solid foundation in business fundamentals. Whether you come from a non-business background or simply seek a refresher, these courses enable you to develop essential skills and knowledge to excel in your MBA studies and beyond.

Customize up to 25% of the curriculum for an individualized program

Our MBA program offers you the unique opportunity to individualize up to 25% of your curriculum. This flexibility empowers you to tailor your education to your specific interests, goals, and professional needs. By customizing your coursework, you can develop a strong foundation in your chosen field, enhance your skillset, and differentiate yourself in the competitive job market.

Select topical elective courses that address real-world issues

The Weinberg MBA program features cutting-edge courses that delve into timely and relevant topics, such as “The Banking Crisis,” “The Economics of Covid-19,” and “The Global Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.” By exploring these pressing issues, you will gain valuable insights into the current business landscape, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to navigate and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Enrich your expertise in a particular field with an optional specialization

The Weinberg MBA program features highly sought-after specializations such as Pharmaceutical Management, International Business, and Business Intelligence. These specializations provide you with in-depth knowledge and skills in specific industries, positioning you for success in some of today’s most competitive and rapidly growing sectors. By pursuing a specialization, you can enhance your marketability and accelerate your career growth.

Finalize your MBA with a capstone that fits your professional aspirations

Weinberg offers three distinct capstone options – business case, internship, and in-depth elective – allowing you to choose the path that aligns with your career aspirations. Each option provides a valuable opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve gained throughout your MBA, demonstrating your expertise and preparing you for success in your chosen field.

Join our Alumni at World-Class Companies

Empowered by an MBA from The Basel School of Business, our alumni aren’t just entering the workforce, they’re revolutionizing it. Across industries and around the globe, they are making their mark.

Your unique journey could be the next to inspire and innovate.

Thermo Fisher
Estee Lauder

A Flexible and Supportive Community

Embrace a learning experience crafted to accommodate your unique rhythm of life. At BSB, we harmonize career progression, academics, and personal life, creating a balance that fuels your growth. Our supportive community becomes your sanctuary, empowering your journey toward excellence in every sphere of life.

Flexible Campus Access

Experience the best of both worlds with on-campus classes in Zurich and Basel, and asynchronous with Weinberg Online – seamlessly transitioning between all three as you desire.
At Weinberg United, we offer a truly flexible MBA experience, catering to your unique learning preferences and lifestyle. Choose between attending on-campus classes in the vibrant cities of Zurich and Basel or embracing the convenience of asynchronous online courses. Our program allows you to easily transition between the different options, providing you with the opportunity to study in diverse environments or adapt your learning approach as your personal and professional needs evolve. With unparalleled access to all three modes of learning, you can tailor your MBA journey to suit your individual goals and aspirations.


Personalized Learning in Small Class Settings

Benefit from unparalleled attention and support in our intimate class environments, fostering meaningful connections and in-depth learning experiences.
Our small class sizes offer a major advantage to MBA students, providing personalized learning experiences tailored to your unique needs. With fewer students per class, you’ll enjoy a collaborative and engaging atmosphere that encourages active participation and in-depth discussions. This close-knit setting allows our experienced faculty to provide individualized attention and guidance, fostering strong mentorships and a deeper understanding of course material. The connections you make in these small classes not only enrich your academic journey but also pave the way for lasting professional relationships.



Agile Study Framework

Explore the freedom of flexibility and adaptability of the Weinberg MBA. Choose your preferred study setting—on-campus in Basel or Zurich, or online—and modify your pace from Part-Time to Full-Time to Accelerated as your needs change.

At Weinberg United, we create an MBA experience as dynamic as you. Choose to learn in the vibrant settings of Zurich and Basel, or from the comfort of your home with our online courses. Seamlessly transition between modes as your circumstances shift. Couple this with our flexible pacing options, from Part-Time to Full-Time to Accelerated, and adapt as life ebbs and flows. You’re in control of your learning journey, shaping it to best suit your evolving needs and aspirations.


Cutting-Edge Online Resources

Empower your learning experience with access to over 1,000,000 titles and seamless virtual collaboration, right at your fingertips.
As a working professional, you’ll appreciate the convenience and flexibility offered by our cutting-edge online resources. Access our extensive library anytime, anywhere, and delve into a diverse range of subjects.

Our virtual workspace provides seamless communication and collaboration with faculty and peers, enabling you to balance your professional, personal, and academic commitments with ease.


Accreditation Matters

Our Commitment to Quality Education

Deeper learning throughPractical Experiential Learning™

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Relevance based learning

Our courses are carefully designed to encompass the most current and practical knowledge. The scenarios and challenges we present are real-world business situations, ensuring that the skills and understanding students acquire are directly applicable to their future careers.

Experience centered

We prioritize hands-on tasks and projects that allow our students to apply what they’ve learned in a practical setting. From day 1, our students gain firsthand experience and insights into business operations, project management, and strategic decision-making processes.

Performance focused

We focus on the real outcomes – the skills and understanding that our students will take with them into their careers. We operate on a non-competitive grading system, prioritizing personal growth, knowledge application, and the ability to make a successful impact in the workplace. It’s about preparing you to deliver meaningful contributions and excel in your professional life.

Let's Personalize Your MBA Exploration

Every journey is unique, including your MBA exploration. Request a brochure, get personalized guidance, and make your program selection as informed and personal as possible.

The MBA Curriculum

Discover a curriculum that transcends theory, invites you into the heart of innovation. Design your own learning journey with engaging content that fosters leadership and impacts change.

Steps to Admission

Understand the roadmap to becoming a Weinberg MBA student. This step-by-step guide will take you through the application process, ensuring you know what to expect at each stage.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Explore the financial investment of an MBA at Weinberg. Understand our fee structure and the various financial aid opportunities available to assist you in your educational journey.


Have questions? Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Weinberg MBA. From admission requirements to curriculum details, we’ve got you covered.