May 10, 2023 | Just Because

Paws for a Break



At Weinberg United, we’re all about business, academics, and preparing our students for successful careers. But we also believe that it’s important to take a moment to celebrate the little things in life that bring us joy – especially when those little things are as heart-meltingly adorable as a litter of newborn kittens!

In a delightful departure from our typical school news, I would like to introduce you to the newest additions to our extended Weinberg family: Emmi’s kittens!

Emmi, my beloved feline friend, has recently become a proud mom to five absolutely adorable kittens. Three of these furballs are orange boys, with coats as vibrant as a sunset, while the other two are gray and black girls, their markings a testament to the beauty of nature’s artistry.

And Emmi is such a great mommy — nurturing and protecting her little ones but still letting them play with me and the girls. 

While they’re still getting used to their new world, these little kittens are already full of energy and curiosity. Their tiny, squeaky mews, the way they clumsily explore their surroundings, and their heartwarming snuggles are a delightful break from the hustle and bustle of academic life.

Of course, we understand that newborn kittens aren’t our typical topic of conversation here at Weinberg. However, we believe that joy, in all its forms, should be shared. Plus, they’re so incredibly cute; we couldn’t resist!

So, while we will of course continue to bring you all the latest updates on our courses, faculty, excursions, students, and alumni, don’t be surprised if you spot a few more feline-focused posts over the coming weeks. Because let’s face it – who could resist those tiny faces?



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