Jun 26, 2022 | Events, Graduation, MBA

Celebrating Resilience and Achievement: The BSOB MBA Class of 2022

Weinberg United

Weinberg United

On June 26, 2022, an air of jubilant anticipation filled the atmosphere as the BSOB campus came alive once again. Graduates, faculty, family, and friends gathered in person, reuniting after a long hiatus, marking the end of a unique academic journey and celebrating the triumphant graduation of BSOB’s MBA Class of 2022.

This year’s ceremony held a special significance. It was not just a celebration of academic accomplishment, but also a testament to the incredible resilience and adaptability shown by students and staff alike in navigating the uncharted waters of a pandemic-stricken academic year.

University President Jacqueline Weinberg, in her poignant commencement address, eloquently voiced her pride for the graduating cohort. She praised their exceptional determination, their nimble adaptability, and their unwavering resilience as they successfully earned their MBA degrees amidst the upheavals brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. The graduates had emerged from this challenging period not just with a degree, but with invaluable life skills that would guide them through any future uncertainty.

While the ceremony was marked by laughter, cheers, and the joyful buzz of a long-awaited reunion, it was the heartfelt sentiments echoed by Dr. Weinberg that truly set the tone for the event. “It’s the people. It’s the community,” she emphasized. The palpable bonds of camaraderie that had been formed over online classes, virtual group projects, and shared experiences, she said, were a lifeline in these challenging times.

It was, Dr. Weinberg said, the “Heart” that kept the BSOB community thriving. This Heart, she described, was a profound collective passion and a shared sense of purpose that fueled not only the students’ academic pursuits but also inspired the faculty. “Your Heart gave us purpose. The Heart is what makes BSOB.”

To the Class of 2022, she offered one final piece of advice, a beacon to guide them as they embark on their next journey: “Let your Heart be your Why.” This phrase resonated, a reminder of the importance of passion and purpose in the pursuit of success.

As the ceremony drew to a close, the sense of shared accomplishment was unmistakable. The first in-person graduation ceremony since the pandemic, it was a powerful symbol of endurance, resilience, and communal strength. The BSOB MBA Class of 2022, their families, friends, and faculty left the event with not just a degree and a celebration, but an unforgettable memory of triumph over adversity, a testament to the human spirit’s resilience.


Weinberg United

Weinberg United