Jun 13, 2023 | Academics, Internships, MBA, Undergrad

A Proactive (and ProSem) Approach to Internships

Weinberg United

Weinberg United


Bridging Academia and Industry

At Weinberg, we recognize that a strong academic foundation is just one piece of the puzzle. To truly excel in the business world, students need hands-on experience, professional mentorship, and the ability to apply classroom knowledge to real-world challenges. That’s why our approach to internships goes above and beyond the norm.

The ProSem Advantage

As an integral part of our internship program, we offer an enriching experience known as the Professional Seminar or ProSem. In ProSem, students meet weekly with a Weinberg faculty member who serves as their ProSem leader. These weekly discussions are designed to align the students’ practical experiences at the company with the knowledge they gained in the classroom. Topics of discussion include specific learning outcomes, supervision in the workplace, and addressing any issues or obstacles that may come up during the internship. This regular interaction ensures our students are not just “doing an internship” but are engaging in a structured, supportive, and supervised educational experience.

In addition to the group sessions, students have one-on-one meetings with their ProSem leaders, providing individualized guidance. Our ProSem leaders also maintain open lines of communication with internship supervisors, meeting them several times during the internship to gain insights into students’ performances and to identify opportunities for further growth.

Our Internship Learning Outcomes

To further ensure our students get the most out of their internships, we focus on four major categories of learning outcomes:

  1. Business Knowledge and Technical Skills: This category addresses understanding corporate culture, applying knowledge from coursework, enhancing analytical skills, and gaining a deeper understanding of business operations and industry specifics.
  2. Professional and Interpersonal Skills: Here, we focus on honing students’ professional communication, networking, and teamwork abilities, preparing them to effectively engage in any professional environment.
  3. Project and Performance Management: This involves practical experience in managing projects and understanding the value of performance evaluation, vital for career advancement and personal growth.
  4. Ethics and Problem-Solving: This segment focuses on ethical understanding and problem-solving skills, equipping students to make ethical and effective decisions in complex business situations.

Success Beyond Internships

At Weinberg, we see internships as more than just resume fillers. We believe they’re stepping stones to a successful career and personal development. With our unique ProSem, the internship program becomes an integrated part of our students’ education, paving the way for them to become competent, ethical, and successful professionals in the world of business management.

If you’re ready to turn academic knowledge into real-world business expertise, contact us to learn how you can kick-start your journey with Weinberg United.

Weinberg United

Weinberg United


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